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TWAS-ENEA Research Training Fellowship Programme

Fecha Limite: 23 Octubre 2017

TWAS and ENEA offer postdoctoral researchers from science- and technology-lagging countries with the opportunity to visit research centres of ENEA in Italy to carry out research work in the following fields:

Efficient energy conversion and use
Photovoltaics and Smart Networks
Solar Thermal and Thermodynamic Energy
Development of  Information Technology and ICT Systems
Bioenergy, Biorefinery and  Green Chemistry
Technologies and Materials Processing for Sustainability
Reduction of Anthropic Impacts and Natural Risks
Efficient Use of Resources and Closed Cycles
Protection and Valorisation of Land and Natural Resources 
Biotechnologies and Agro-Industry
Technologies and Methodologies for Health Protection  
Fusion Physics
Nuclear Fusion Technologies
Technologies, Plants and Materials
Safety and  Sustainability of Nuclear Energy
Physics Technologies for health and safety
The purpose of these fellowships is to enhance the research capacity of promising scientists, especially those at the beginning of their research career, helping them to foster links for further collaboration. 
ENEA, through TWAS, will cover travel expenses and provide subsistence costs for the stay in Italy.
The deadline to submit complete application is *23 October 2017*. Women scientists are especially encouraged to apply.
Please find attached the application form. More information is available here:

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