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Female scientists told paper is no good unless they get a man to help them

Yes this really happened - two accomplished female scientists were told to get a man to co author their paper in order to be published.

Dr Fiona Ingleby and Dr Megan Head are evolutionary biologists researching how gender affects PhD students transitioning into post doctoral jobs. In life imitating art their paper was rejected by a reviewer at the journal due to “issues on methodologies and presentation of results”. They were advised to remedy this by finding  “one or two male biologists” to assist or be active co-authors in the paper.

The reviewer also critiques their research remarking that men have “marginally better health and stamina” and that may be the reason they publish in better journals than women, rather than any gender bias. It continues “So perhaps it is not so surprising that on average male doctoral students co-author one more paper than female doctoral students, just as, on average, male doctoral students can probably run a mile race a bit faster than female doctoral students”.

The reviewer goes on: “Or perhaps it is the case that only some small portion of men (and only men) have the kind of egomaniac personality disorder that drives them on to try to become the chief of the world at the expense of all else in life.”

The review was also littered with bizarre spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Dr Ingleby and Dr Head are well established researchers and have published over 40 papers between themselves. Critique is an essential part of the scientific process but these unprofessional, sexist and opinionated critiques only set us backward and hinder scientific development.

Sources: The Independent

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