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Dra. Bibiana Vila Directora de Vicam (Vicuñas, Camélidos y Ambiente)

La vicuña es una especie silvestre que cuenta con la protección provincial debido a la escasez de hace décadas. Para los pobladores era un animal que se comía las pasturas sin aportar demasiado al proceso productivo. Pero, hoy en día, este método de esquila sustentable está limando esas asperezas de vieja data.

Dr. Bibiana Vilá is Director of Vicuñas, Camelids and Environment (VICAM), and Principal Researcher of National Research Council (CONICET), Argentina. Specialized in the conservation of wild vicuñas in the Andean altiplano, Dr. Vilá has led the implementation of conservation measures integrating both traditional knowledge of indigenous communities and modern science including ecology, ethology and animal welfare. 

Her work in promoting support to local communities and the implementation of environmental education has had significant impact in the region. Her efforts focus on promoting the sustainable use of economically high-value vicuña fiber, thus contributing to the conservation of wild animals and the stable development of regional communities. The work of Dr. Vilá demonstrates that local-based projects can have repercussions at the regional and global levels. #WomenInScience

To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February), we will be highlighting some of today's most prominent female biodiversity scientists. Let us know in the comments who YOUR favourite biodiversity scientist is and we may post about them!



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